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9th juin 2015

Plant Pathways and Pukka Pathways

Not everyone understands that food and plants supply information to the body, but we can’t over-emphasise the importance of this plant information concept. A single food plant such as a tomato, if vine ripened and allowed to develop its full phytochemical potential before being harvested and eaten, contains around 1000 different phytochemical compounds recognised by science.

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13th mai 2015

Why we’re wild about licorice

Sweet, earthy and delicious, licorice harmonises the perfect cup of tea. At Pukka we love it so much that we’ve developed a new organic and FairWild Three Licorice tea to celebrate the wonders of this sweet root.

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5th mai 2015


On Saturday 16th May, thousands of women and men wearing the trademark brightly decorated bras will once again Power Walk through the streets of London from Clapham Common at Midnight, to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. They'll be taking part in The MoonWalk London, an iconic fundraising challenge, organised by grant-making breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

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17th avril 2015

Pukka goes on tour with Herbie

After a winter spent having a total re-fit, Pukka's new Herbship is revealed. It's an original 1976 Airstream and it's just the kind of thing you'd expect Pukka to take on tour...

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2nd avril 2015

Discover incredible adventurous teas

Of course we all want to think of ourselves as a little bit adventurous. But discovery and adventure can take many forms - so why not begin your own adventure right now, from right where you're sitting...

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2nd avril 2015

Pukka becomes carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality is a massive undertaking, but hugely important for people, plants and planet. We’ve made some progress and we want to make more – with your help we really can make a positive change for all of us.

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31st mars 2015

Which herbs are right for me?

Reading about herbs might cause you to think they do so many things that it's hard to know which ones might suit you best. Help is at hand. Sebastian Pole - Pukka's master herbsmith - explains all you need to know on balancing the qualities of how you feel with the specific balancing quality of the plant(s).

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