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Introducing andrographis; 'king of bitters'

3rd avril 2017

Andographis is a small but powerful little herb known for its bitter taste and therapeutic properties.

In Ayurveda, andrographis is thought to have the potential to rid the body of any invading disease, thanks to its incredibly bitter qualities. It was used to treat infections, fevers and septic conditions of the blood.

Andographis has been on the traditional medicine scene for thousands of years. It is thought to have originated in the dry forests of South India and Sri Lanka and can now be found throughout south east Asia and parts of China.

Our lovely andographis is cultivated in an arid area of north Karnataka, in South India. The majority of it is grown by one farmer, Balwant Patil with the help of his farm manager Monish. This particular farm is a golden example of how organic farming practices can increase the plants’ resistance in the face of adversity, such as unpredictable weather.

With wellbeing at our heart, we want to get the very best out of plants and in the case of andographis the majority of goodness (andrographalide content) is in the leaves. The time of year the harvest takes place can affect this so we work with Balwant and Morish to adjust harvest times to ensure we increase the levels of andrographalide.

What we love about our andographis

It is full of goodness - it has a high andographalide content

It is not fussy - it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians

It is natural - It contains no binders or fillers and is gluten-free, dairy-free and soya-free

It is organic – it is made using only the finest medicinal grade herbs