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Being Pukka: our four mantras

3rd avril 2017

Over the years, we’ve grown our passion into a business, with over 70 employees selling our organic teas in over 30 countries. And whilst the journey here hasn’t always been smooth, four values have guided our way, making every step enormously meaningful and satisfying: authenticity, quality, braveness, and effort.

An instant connection

These values were ones shared by Tim and Sebastian, our founders, when they first met. But theory and practice are two different things, and Tim and Sebastian knew that, to be able to power the business forward, they had to translate their beliefs into a set of practical guiding principles.

The Pukka mantra

Taking inspiration from concepts embodied in ancient Indian texts known as the Vedas, they condensed their philosophy down into four values and, subsequently, these four mantras, which beautifully express what Pukka believes and how Pukka behaves today: 

Be Pukka                     Be the best                  Be brave                  Be wow

 These four mantras are the Pukka blueprint for everything we do; it’s because of them that we’ve been blessed with loyal customers and long-lasting supplier relationships.

Our Pukka promise

But we will never rest on our laurels; we will never stop asking difficult questions of ourselves, as individuals and as a business, to make sure that we always stay true to our four Pukka values. This is our Pukka promise to you, to the planet, and to the wonders that grow on it.